Helping Create Happy, Enduring Couples and Families

Offering Partner Selection, Pre-marriage, Remarriage, and 

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Marriage Coaching & Workshops

CONGRATULATIONS on wanting to have and maintain a great relationship.

            Whether you are…

Looking for your ideal partner

Newly engaged, recently married, or remarried

Married for a while and want to enrich your partnership 


You have come to the right place !!! 


It just takes committment, love, consciousness, time, skills, and tools.


                Love alone is not enough since we know that 50″% of couples who marry will end up with a divorce. However, statistics show that couples who have engaged in pre-marriage coaching or counseling enjoy at least a 50% higher success than those who don’t. And so there are many benefits for doing work early on to lay a solid foundation.


                Since we mate with someone we date and often don’t give much thought to the future, it is no wonder the Divorce Rate is so high.  We didn’t learn how to have a good relationship when we were in school; but today, there are many ways to avoid and solve some of the challenges that are certain to occur over the years.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • If you are looking for a partner, do you clearly know what qualities and attributes you want?
  • If you are newly engaged or married, have you created a roadmap with real clarity for planning your lives together, having thoroughly discussed and resolved your desires and expectations regarding finances, children, sexual expression, religion, household chores, inlaws, etc.?
  • Are you able to communicate, share your innermost thoughts, and resolve conflict effectivel 95% of the time?
  • Are you absolutely confident you can keep love and intimacy even when things get tough?
  • Are you unequivocally certain you can avoid divorce by being well enough prepared to survive problems that will surely come?

If you answered no to any of these questions then I know I can assist you!

The Marriage Mentor

Hi, I’m Toni Erickson, The Marriage Mentor

Since 1986 I have worked with hundreds of couples to avoid divorce through partner selection,   pre-marriage coaching, and providing skills and tools to help them at any age or stage enjoy extraordinary marital success and happiness.  I also offer couples retreats which are fun, energizing, and revitalizing for even the best of relationships.


One of my passions is to assist new couples, regardless of age or how many times they have been married, get off to a good start in their relationship and avoid some of the pitfalls that will surely come. Often new couples see one another with ”rose colored glasses,” and they put their “best foot forward” so the eventual realities of being together are relatively obscured.


          Part of the problem is most people haven’t taken time to look at what they want and need in order to be happy in a committed partnership.  That is the first step – finding a compatible and loving partner.   After that there is still a lot of work which needs to be done in order to keep a strong relationship.  But many are in love and think everything will be great.  But. . . .


          Before they get married, most couples haven’t learned how to communicate well or resolve conflict effectively. And they have never taken the time to discuss or agree about how to handle money, working, household chores, having children, budgeting, extended family, personal goals, hidden expectations, or the vision of their life together. They seem to believe they will just walk down that primrose path of joy and happiness saying, “Everything will work out because we are in love.


 We know Love is NOT Enough, but if you want to make positive and lasting changes. . . 

It’s Never Too Late To Start !

I offer 3 great programs from which to choose:  


  • DATING & MATING:  Six Secrets for Finding the Love of Your Life


  • MARRIAGE SUCCESS PROGRAM for NEWER COUPLES:  The Toolkit for Creating an Extraordinary Marriage


  • JOYFUL MARRIAGE RETREAT: The Keys to Your Partner’s Heart


      Please go to Services and Benefits   for more detailed descriptions to find out what works for you.                You may contact me at 303-440-4234 or